Meet the Drones

Drones have become the best tool in any photographer's kit bag for capturing unique angles and putting together formerly impossible compositions. There's no longer any need for costly aircraft rentals or dangerous climbs in the pursuit of the perfect shot. In the past few years drones have gone down in price and become considerably easier for the novice to use. If you haven't experienced the breathtaking, cinematic experience that can only be captured with a drone then there has never been a better time to try. Note: The FAA has rules and guidelines for operating your drone and they can be found here:

Below you'll find my favorite drone for real estate and architectural photography, the DGI Phantom 4 Pro. Retailing for $1600, it includes extra rotors, a 64gb SD card, controller, batteries and a carrying case. The Phantom 4 Pro includes a camera with a 1" 20MP sensor with almost 12 stops of dynamic range and has a mechanical shutter to eliminate rolling shutter effects from fast motion. It can record 4K/60p video at 100 mbps.

Check out this amazing footage of secluded lake home that is for sale. The subject wouldn't have fared well with only a ground-based photog due to the topography and dense undergrowth surrounding the lot. With the drone we able to capture expansive lake views from the home and clearly outline the property boundaries for potential buyers.

video credit: soralens

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