Real Estate Photography Pros vs. Amateurs

It's often said that you should always use the right tool for the job. If your job is selling real estate then you already know how critical presentation, curb appeal and the overall feeling of a property are to making the sale. A professional photographer, with his own set of professional equipment should be at the top of your list when positioning a property for quick sale.

What's really the difference between a Pro and an Amateur? In the age of 12 mega pixel smartphones and social media style photography can't anyone produce great shots?

In a word, no.

A professional photographer is able to capture your property as you want it. It's not just about equipment (though having the right equipment is critical) it's also about the skill to use it. Many agents have decent equipment and some have developed their own skills with a camera, but those photos are often over-produced HDR images that leave the skeptical internet-age buyer looking elsewhere for authenticity.

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